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Why You Need a Holistic Approach to CX Strategy: Asia Pacific

Only by integrating your organizations and your data can your enterprise truly deliver world-class Customer Experience. 

It’s critical to have a holistic approach to your customer experience strategy, one that leverages all the relevant teams that touch the customer experience and brings together the information, insights, and initiatives spread out among these various teams.

Enterprise Communications: Welcome to the Age of AI in Collaboration

Download highlights from Enterprise Connect 2023 sessions, with key takeaways and advice on the new normal at work, from hybrid work to generative AI. The articles around this year's Enterprise Connect event reflect the issues with which we're all grappling as the ongoing transformations of how and where we work transform what we do while we're working.
Topics include:

  • AI Is Everywhere; But It’s Still Our World
  • Amazon, Zoom Add to Their AI Portfolios
  • Google Fleshes Out Generative AI Tech For Call Centers
  • Microsoft Ups its Teams Game with Copilot AI
  • Webex Integrates Intelligence Throughout its Platform
  • Five Ways Generative AI Will Change Collaboration
  • Do You Really Want ChatGPT Talking to Your Customers?
Welcome to the Age of AI in Collaboration cover image

The Future of Work: The APAC View

View this free session from Enterprise Connect 2023 presented by Omdia research analyst Adam Holtby. Holtby presents the results of a recent survey of APAC-based enterprises regarding the future of work. Learn how businesses throughout the region are dealing with the challenges, and where they see the future trends heading.

Transform to Thrive in the New CX Economy: The APAC Perspective

In this free session from Enterprise Connect 2023, Audrey William, Principal Advisor at Ecosystm, outlines what APAC CX leaders need to do to push the boundaries in CX delivery through the application of people, processes and technologies.

70% of Customer Experience (CX) leaders in Asia Pacific place a high importance to personalisation. The new CX economy requires organisations to meet the customers where they are and on their terms. It requires a proactive approach to reach out to the customers before they initiate an interaction, rather than the traditional, reactive customer engagements of the past. Technologies such as AI and Analytics are becoming more important than ever, as are methods including processes to deepen understanding of customer conversations and journeys. Enterprises must understand how customers are behaving and what is driving that behavior, and understand their journeys. 

The Future of Work: The End-User's Perspective

The future of work is intelligent.

Companies are changing how they work, collaborate, and get things done. The shift from in-person to remote work during the COVID-19 pandemic has already evolved again into a hybrid model with new expectations of videoconferencing and collaboration technology.

It can be challenging to make the right investments of time, money, and technology to meet the needs of both today’s expectations and the future of work.

Equipping Offices for Collaboration in a Global Enterprise

Enterprises all over the world are experiencing new challenges created by the shifting work culture. Especially for those accommodating a new hybrid work model, identifying which technologies to invest in to support videoconference meetings in a range of office configurations can be overwhelming.

Developing a strategy to support workers today as well as lay a foundation for communication in the future requires in-depth understanding of how technology options, cost, use rates, and many other factors come together to provide the best value for the business.

The State of the Indian UCaaS Market

Will the cloud communications market be the next big thing?

India's Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) market seems on the cusp of major growth as the players compete to grab a share of this still emerging market.

Cost Optimisation: Singapore Firms Must Know What They Have

Simply pouring money into IT infrastructure also does not guarantee revenue growth.

Shift towards hybrid work environments amidst financial limitations will compel businesses to maximise the use of collaborative tools, and this requires monitoring what they have and understanding their operations.

Mind the Gap: Singapore Firms Must Plug Security Holes In New Hybrid Norm

A review of the enterprise’s cybersecurity approach is critical

Organisations will need to reassess their cybersecurity strategy and focus on people, as insider threats and an increasing mix of devices and platforms introduce more
risks in their hybrid workplace.

A hybrid work norm brings on more cyber risks and security holes that Singapore organisations will need to plug.

Singapore Firms and Hybrid Work: Diversity Talent Pool, but Inequity Risks

Organizations in Singapore transitioning towards a hybrid work model now can tap a wider talent pool, but they also will need to address gaps it can create, such as employee inequity and disjointed collaboration.

The move to hybrid work further offers companies the opportunity to reassess their talent mix and strengthen their management efforts. This will prove essential as every organization has to define its own vision of hybrid work based on its business goals, talent types, and talent needs.

Singapore Firms and Hybrid Work Report

Post-Pandemic Customer Engagement

As the world settles into a post-pandemic era, organisations in Singapore will need to ensure they remain equipped to serve a population that is now accustomed to consuming products and services in more ways than ever before, in particular, through digital channels.

For IT, this means everything from contact centres to marketing, sales, and other systems must be integrated more effectively to deliver the service customers expect.

Data Protection and UCaaS Investment: India

Tighter data residency law could hit providers’ plans to pursue India’s market

India’s political leaders are set to re-introduce the oft postponed Data Protection Law in the Budget session of the Parliament convening in February 2023, and while the contours of the bill are not yet known, indications are that data localization is going to be an integral part of it. 

For Unified Communications-as-a-Service (UCaaS) providers like RingCentral, Microsoft (via Teams), Cisco Webex, Zoom, and others, the legislation could have significant impact.

Enterprise Communications/Collaboration Careers, Salaries & the Changing Workplace 2022

Our 2022 Enterprise Communications/Collaboration Salary Survey looks at how the No Jitter & Enterprise Connect community sees the future of their jobs, data on salaries/raises and technologies in use.

Find out:

  • Current salaries and future expectations
  • Target areas for skills improvement
  • Job satisfaction levels
  • Technologies viewed as a job threat

This report has all the information you need to plan your next career move or plan to expand your mission-critical team.

NoJitter Salary Survey

Collaboration and Flexibility in Challenging Times

Download your copy of "Collaboration and Flexibility in Challenging Times" for highlights from Enterprise Connect 2022 sessions, with key takeaways and advice on how to plan for the new world of work. Topics include:

  • A glimpse into the future of work
  • More ways to connect & fewer coding demands — the future of CX
  • Is your office ready for return-to-office?
  • And more!
Collaboration and Flexibility Report

Ten Insights and Recommendations from Omdia's 2022 UC&C End User Market Survey

Good decisions are based on good data. In this complimentary analyst report you'll get insights and recommendations backed by end user survey data on the unified communications and collaboration markets. 

Ten Insights Report

IT's Role in Digital CX 2022

Gain perspective on how companies and CX professionals are adapting to the sudden shift in digital technology in this Omdia report. You'll uncover:

  • Technologies that are creating connected customer experiences
  • Barriers to digital CX advancement
  • Strategies that are helping companies succeed in their digital CX efforts
It's Role in Digital CX Report

Measuring and Managing Employee Experience

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about huge workplace disruption for organizations of all sizes, and has caused significant changes in how enterprises operate and how work gets done. Organizations have rapidly accelerated efforts to improve communication and collaboration, enhance customer engagement, and develop a more modern, mobile, and digitally enabled workplace.

No single solution or set of best practices provides the range of different capabilities businesses need to effectively monitor, manage, and analyze end-to-end EX. With this in mind, Omdia has created the EMMA framework to guide businesses and vendor partners on the important activities and objectives that any new investment should help support.

Measuring and Managing Report

Your Hybrid Work Return to Office Checklists

How is your enterprise's return-to-office progressing? Improve your chances of success, use these checklists to make sure you've got what you need in place:

  • Space
  • Tech
  • New work policies

Create Flexible, Safe Workspaces for the Future of Work.

Hybrid Work Report

The Facilities Management Way Of Creating A More Sustainable Future of Work

When we think about the future of work, we often imagine employees happily concentrating or collaborating in a modern office building equipped with the latest technology and workplace amenities.

However, as the real-world impacts of climate change are becoming more apparent, that gleaming vision of the future will need to be balanced with an urgent need for sustainable operations – which can shift how workplace leaders design office spaces.

Download this best practices report to find out how facilities management discipline can create a more sustainable workplace.

Facilities Management Report