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View some of the latest technology solutions that were featured at Enterprise Connect 2021. Watch these engaging conversations with our sponsors from leading Enterprise Communications & Collaboration solution providers to discover the hottest trends showcased at Enterprise Connect Virtual 2021.

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EC21 QuickTalk - Crestron


Dive-Deep into Crestron's expansion of conferencing solution Flex and how they deliver any type of meeting in any type of environment. 

Interview with Zoom Global CIO Harry Moseley


Find out what makes Zoom stand out from the competition and what enhancements are being implemented that make Zoom the go-to resource for collaboration.

EC21 QuickTalk with Verizon Business

Verizon Business

Learn more about why Verizon has such a special place in unified communications and how they are able to bring together a global network.

EC21 - QuickTalk with Slack's Jeremy Hemsworth


Did you know Slack is actually an acronym? Learn how Slack has innovated and disrupted the market since its inception in this QuickTalk. 

EC21 - QuickTalk with Bandwidth's Caroline Sutton


Global organizations require global solutions and Bandwidth knows this first-hand. Learn how they mastered the hybrid workspace.

EC21 QuickTalk with 8x8's Meghan Keough


8x8 brings together voice, contact centers, video, and meetings on a single platform, complete with end-to-end encryption. Learn about their newest innovations in this QuickTalk!

EC21 - QuickTalk with Pexip's Jordan Owens


Pexip empowers face-to-face communications and collaboration anywhere with anything. What does this mean and how can you benefit from it?

EC21 QuickTalk with LogMeIn's Paul Gentile


LogMeIn has been doing "remote" since before "remote" was a thing. Learn more about how they facilitate learning, training, collaborating, and productivity - all remotely!

EC21 QuickTalk with Twilio's Tim Richter


Omni-channel is about engagement and representation of your company and customers. See what the omni-channel hype is all about and how Twilio is leading the curve.

EC21 QuickTalk with LiveVox's Louis Summe


Many organizations are thinking of their online presence as their storefront. How do you ensure your new digital storefront conveys the same level of customer engagement? Learn more in this QuickTalk with LiveVox!

EC21 QuickTalk with Flowroute's Darach Beirne


Flowroute is a leading provider in scalable easy-to-use, reliable cloud communication services and cloud collaboration tools. Learn about how they approach their 3 core principles to keep their services innovative and popular.

EC21 QuickTalk with Google Chrome OS's Steve Ervin

Google Chrome OS

Learn more about COVID-19 has forced companies to react fast and how Google Chrome has stayed at the top of this curve with Google Chrome OS's Steve Ervin

EC21 Quicktalk with Amazon's Ryan Braastad


Amazon's Head of Product Marketing Ryan Braastad is a master of industry disruption. Listen to how Amazon strives to put customers first and what this means for how the retail giant approaches its industry challenges. 

EC21 QuickTalk with Vonage's Savinay Berry


Vonage's Savinay Berry asserts that if the pandemic has taught us anything, it's that we need to personalize our connections and get life balance back. Vonage is a giant in digital communications and cloud communications. Learn what they have to say about their history of innovation and disruption.