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Building Forward with Zoom

In 2020, enterprise organizations, individual teams, and users adopted Zoom in record numbers to help workers collaborate in the face of the pandemic. Now, in 2021, enterprises are exploring the next step: standardizing on Zoom as a complete collaboration platform solution. And not just for desktop video, but for conference rooms, telephony, chat, and the full range of productivity-enhancing tools needed to serve a dispersed and dynamic workforce.
To help you understand how to plan and execute an enterprise-wide migration to Zoom as your core collaboration platform, Enterprise Connect will present two half-day virtual summits. These information-filled events will feature independent experts familiar with implementing solutions across an enterprise organization, offering a deep dive on the challenges and opportunities your enterprise will face as you standardize on Zoom. You’ll get a detailed and objective understanding of how Zoom serves as a complete collaboration solution, and will come away with a framework to begin your journey to Build Forward with Zoom.

Keynote Panel: Building Forward with Confidence

As enterprises plan for employees’ return to the office in 2021, their needs from a communications and collaboration platform have evolved, and the systems they used before and during the COVID-19 pandemic must evolve as well. At the same time, their legacy requirements have not changed.

To build forward with confidence, the core enterprise communications and collaboration platform must support telephony, conference room hardware, and multi-vendor interoperability in addition to the existing needs for video, web conferencing and messaging. This will allow teams to work efficiently during a time of transition and support a hybrid workforce in a myriad of remote and on site scenarios. And of course, these systems will have to provide enterprise-grade security that allows workers to collaborate safely and confidently from wherever they are.

This keynote panel will give attendees an overview of why Zoom is the platform organizations can leverage to build agile, lasting organizations centered on what is most important to organization success: talent, transformation, and trust.



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The Role of Telephony in Your Next Platform

Telephony remains essential in today’s enterprise organizations as we adapt to a variety of work settings. While the telephony footprint is smaller, those who rely on it need modern features such as advanced analytics, SMS, and quick escalation into other advanced communication methods such as video meetings. But how do you “right-size” your telephony investments and deliver productivity enhancements your company demands?


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Ensuring Enterprise-Grade Security & Voice/Video Quality

As enterprises look toward a post-pandemic communications and collaboration platform, they’ll demand levels of both security and quality of service (QoS) that are at least as strong as their legacy solutions. This session will familiarize you with the latest security threats and available countermeasures, as well as presenting research on voice and video quality to help you ensure enterprise-grade service.


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Adapting for the Office of the Future

As employees return to the office, they’ll use conference rooms differently than they did pre-pandemic. But some things won’t change, such as the need for high-quality audio and video devices, and easy-to-master user interfaces. From voice commands and enhanced analytics to safety protocol communication and enabling safety in shared spaces, this session will familiarize attendees with state of the art conference room technology and equipment.


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From Interop to Integration: The New Ways of Connecting the Modern Workforce

Interoperability, integration, and the ability to work with multi-vendor video conferencing systems is key to successfully bringing people back to the office and the classroom. From quickly deploying full featured Zoom appliances, to allowing remote customers and partners with 3rd party hardware to join meetings, Zoom has you connected.


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Concluding Session - The View from the Enterprise

To wrap up our program, join leading analyst Ira M. Weinstein of Recon Research for a lively discussion with decision-makers from some of the largest and most forward-thinking enterprises. These business leaders will share real-world lessons learned, offering advice and perspectives on their vision for collaboration technology moving forward. Our panel will also include a top technical expert from Zoom.  Don’t miss this opportunity to benefit from the insights and experience of your peers as they work to collaboration-enable their organizations.


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