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Vertical Industry Focus - NEW!

Though many communications/collaboration/CX challenges manifest similarly across all types of enterprises, each vertical industry also has its own unique blend of demands and challenges that require organizational and technical approaches unique to that vertical. Whether it’s the types of applications that need to be supported; the unique mix of regulatory compliance demands; or the transformation opportunities in a given industry, a vertical view on comms/collab/CX technology can provide a useful view on the value this technology can add to the enterprise. We’re debuting this track with a focus on the government and higher education sectors, with an additional overview of the marketplace for vertical solutions.

AI & Automation - NEW!

With AI permeating so many aspects of IT/comms technology, you have to keep up with the principles, impacts — and risks — behind this revolution. But it’s not just about AI in products; the opportunity to benefit by automating IT processes has never been greater. This track helps you master the concepts and opportunities in AI and automation. 


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Data & Analytics - NEW!

Collaboration platforms and other communications systems generate a wealth of data about how they’re being used. This data can help your enterprise IT and business leaders better understand how hybrid work is really progressing within your organization. This track will help you understand how to get the most out of your network and system data while respecting and protecting end users’ privacy.




Employee Experience - NEW!

The technology you deploy is pointless unless it improves the employee experience. This track explores the most effective ways to deploy and manage user-facing technologies as well as backend employee experience management systems. Sessions will help you use these technologies to make a real difference for your end users.  


Communications & Collaboration 2027 - NEW!


The industry is changing faster than ever, but you still need to plan strategically. This track helps you understand where some of the key technologies are headed over the next three years. 



Collaboration Platforms & UC

The current generation of collaboration platforms offers the full range of media, from voice to feature-rich video with transcription, meeting summaries, and other emerging capabilities. Yet legacy systems remain in use and must be migrated wisely. This track shows you the state of the art as well as the road to get there. 


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CPaaS & Programmable Communications

Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) is giving enterprises more options for implementing the unique capabilities they require for specific use cases and features. This track gets you up to speed on the role CPaaS can play in your communications/collaboration/CX strategy. 

CX/Contact Center

CX technology may be your enterprise’s most powerful tool for differentiation and customer loyalty. So how do you make the right choices for equipping your contact center agents and building your CX strategy? This track provides detailed, real-world insights to guide your CX technology vision.



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Security & Compliance

New ways of working are creating major new challenges around security and compliance. This track provides a deep dive on issues ranging from E911 to legal requirements and corporate governance--from legacy communications security risks to the latest threats from hackers and internal breaches. 


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Video Collaboration & A/V

Video has its own unique needs, particularly when deployed in office meeting areas. This track focuses on the ways audio and visual technologies make hybrid work more compelling and natural, no matter where participants are located. It also looks at technical improvements in video technology and spaces.